You Order. We Gather. We Deliver.

    Enrollment into Carolina Grown program is easy! With a few clicks, you'll be on your way to fresh, delicious weekly food deliveries. Here are the basics:

    • - Click on the Enroll tab (hotlink) to fill out the personal information
    • - Fill out your weekly subscription level - $25 for 25 points, $37.50 for 38 points and $50 for 51 points - and your billing frequency, which can be weekly, monthly or yearly.
    • - You receive your points with each billing cycle. Points are delivered in bulk on the first of the week, month or year depending on your billing frequency choice.
    • - During enrollment, a once-annual packaging fee of $14.95 is incurred

  • STEP 2: Log In For Weekly Ordering

    Logging in and checking out the current menu of offerings is one of the most exciting times of the week! Specials and new products are highlighted, and there's always something for everyone.
    • - Online ordering is open Friday through Sunday. During these three days, you will be able to place your order for Wednesday or Thursday delivery (depending on your area).
    • - Once the weekly menu is posted on Friday, you may use your points to customize your order. Or, create a standard weekly order that will save time and ensure you get the products you want every week.
    • - You also have access to our exclusive "Free-Range Shopping" system that allows for shopping above your weekly subscription! Your card simply gets charged the additional amount for that week.
  • STEP 3: Weekly Delivery

    Each week on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, professional and dedicated Carolina Grown associates deliver safely packaged products to our customer's doorstep, ensuring the freshest milk and the tastiest meats arrive with the proper attention to temperature and quality. Going to be out all day? That's fine - our products can last up to 24 hours outside in our tightly packaged boxes.
  • STEP 4: Spread the Word!

    Tell your friends and neighbors about Carolina Grown!

    • - When you recommend someone to sign up for Carolina Grown, you will get 2.5 points added to your Carolina Grown account.
    • - Your referred friends also benefits via an additional 2.5 points upon enrollment.
    • - Just add the current customer's name or referral number (found in your weekly Carolina Grown Sunday e-newsletter) into the "referral" field upon enrollment.