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  • Nature's goodness produced by North Carolina's very own.

    We want only the best products for our customers, so we go to great lengths choose the diverse, high-quality producers with the freshest selections. We tour, taste and get to know them personally, to ensure that the Carolina Grown producers meet the highest standards for humane treatment, cleanliness and safety.

    And our customer can get to know them too. Carolina Grown members have access to more specific information on each individual farm via our menu each week. Additionally, we often offer tours and producer meet-and-greets to connect our members and farmers even further.

  • Our Produce Farmers:

    Our produce farmers range from small to large farms, and have varied growing methods, from USDA certified organic growers, non-certified organic growers, and conventional growers. ?USDA certified growers provide us their certification number and must follow USDA rules and be evaluated annually by the USDA to retain their certification. Our non-certified organic growers take great pride in having their clients hold them accountable. They use organic and all natural means of production, from natural composting to safe, all-natural pesticides (no synthetic chemicals). Our conventional growers are non-GMO.

  • Our ranchers/meat providers:

    All of our ranchers and meat providers offer pastured, free-range animals, with no added hormones or antibiotics. These producers engage in farming practices that demonstrate the respect they have for animal life, with some farms Animal Welfare Approved. The farms use sustainable practices, only supplementing food for necessity during harsh winter months with all-natural supplemental food, in addition to allowing the animals access to the pastures.
  • Our dairy farms:

    Our dairy farms work with pasture raised animals, and some may supplement feed to ensure the quality and quantity of milk produced, particularly during the harsh weather of the summer and winter months. Our dairy providers do not raise animals with added hormones or antibiotics, nor do they add hormones or antibiotics to the milk. Our milk providers offer pasteurized milk only. Due to state laws, we cannot sell, nor can we get, raw milk for human consumption.
  • Our anglers:

    We work primarily with small to mid-sized fishermen and coastal organizations, such as Brunswick Catch, that work to preserve the integrity of the North Carolina fishing industry. We offer fish and seafood caught off the N.C. coast and also offer farm-raised, fresh-water rainbow trout from our state's beautiful mountains.
  • Our Baked Goods, Cheese, Pasta & Specialty Artisans:

    We work with local bakeries to provide delicious freshly baked breads, pies, muffins, and more. Baked goods are free of artificial preservatives, and require long-term storage in the refrigerator or freezer to retain their freshness. We have additional unique offerings such as specialty pasta makers, honey producers, salsa and sauce makers, gourmet cheese artisans and more.
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