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As a customer of Carolina Grown, I understand and agree to the following terms.


I authorize and allow Carolina Grown, Inc. to charge my credit card on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis as determined by my selected subscription level. In addition, I also authorize and allow Carolina Grown, Inc. to charge my credit card the amount from goods selected by me if it exceeds my subscription level. Annually, upon selecting you subscription level, Carolina Grown will charge a one-time packaging fee of $14.95.

Point System

Carolina Grown utilizes a point system that illustrates 1pt for $1. CG points are not redeemable for cash, carry no cash value and will expire at the end of your subscription; however, they may be carried over from week to week.


Carolina Grown, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the freshest and highest quality products to my door and does not charge a weekly deposit for their packaging/delivery or any other fee. Carolina Grown, Inc. makes this possible by retaining the coolers/boxes and ice packs as their property and re-use. This process allows fulfillment of one of Carolina Grown, Inc. mission by reducing our carbon footprint with your help.

As food distributors, Carolina Grown, Inc. adheres to or exceeds all federal and state standards and regulations. At point of delivery, our sealed packing process allows 12 hours of outdoor exposure.

Carolina Grown, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any deterioration/loss of product and or health risks that arise from consuming improperly cared for food.