You Order. We Gather. We Deliver.
  • You must love fresh, local foods as much as we do!

    With us, there's no commitment, no box of .mystery. items, and no hassle. .It's simple. You order by Sunday, we gather Monday and Tuesday, and we deliver Wednesday and Thursday. Here's more about the easy Three Step Process.

    1: You order

    Browse our menu each week, and add items to your cart. Keep checking back because we add new items as they become available. For example, our seafood gets added only after our anglers have hooked them! Yes, it's that fresh. The menu closes every Sunday at midnight.

    2: We gather.

    Every Monday and Tuesday, after all orders are placed, we set out to gather all of the items, direct from our farmers, purveyors and artisans. We are the direct source from our providers to minimize handling and maximize freshness.

    3: We deliver.

    Every Wednesday and Thursday, we deliver direct to you, based on your location. A professional TCM employee will deliver your food in sealed coolers, packaged to sustain the elements for up to 24 hours. Our proprietary packaging ensures that every item arrives with the proper attention to safety, temperature and quality. We'll pick up last week's empty coolers when delivering the new ones.

    Suppliers & Selection

    We work directly with farmers, producers, bakers, anglers, ranchers and more to offer our customers delicious, healthy products, delivered to your doorstep. One by one, we have built relationships with North Carolina's best providers who share our passion for delivering local, real foods to our communities. These relationships allow us to provide a vast variety of the freshest meats, dairy, produce, seafood and more to you.

    The TCM Guarantee

    We stand strong behind our NO-NO-NO approach - no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMOs. Ever. Our products are of the highest quality and freshness guaranteed. If for any reason they do not meet customers' expectations, the products are replaced or refunded. It's that simple.

    Minimal Product Handling

    Once you click check-out, your products begin the route from producer to us to you, in a two-day cycle, and never leave our hands until they get to your door. We are the direct source from our providers to maximize sustainability and freshness.

    No one offers more to your door!